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Some of you will remember Harry Golden.  He was an author who became very popular in the early 1960’s, I think.  He was a journalist author whose books such as “For 2 Cents Plain” told the tale of his growing … Continue reading

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Funny, isn’t it, how we can remember every detail of some things that happen to us? If someone close to us dies, we can remember the details of the last hours, last words, what we did and said and thought.  … Continue reading

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You know, of course, that most of us operate on one calendar, but the people whose business is Christmas operate on another, toy manufacturers, for example.  They are making toys right now, I suppose, that will be popular next Christmas.  … Continue reading

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The first thing that I would like to do this morning is to ask your prayers for the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Council which has convened in the Vatican this week.  The ecumenical purpose of the council is the renewal of … Continue reading

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Living Waters Springing Up

                The one thing that I would want to say about the Bible, no matter what else anyone would say about it, is that the Bible is a living book, I mean that it is a book that you won’t … Continue reading

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The Waters of Darkness

Baptism is one of those events which has become rather formal in the Christian Church.  It sometimes almost has the nature of a social event rather than a religious one.  Even in the New Testament where baptism as a formal … Continue reading

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Free to Care

 – Nehemiah 8:1-4a,5-6 , I Corinthians 12:12-30, Luke 1:1-4, 4:14-21                   Nobody has yet been able to reduce caring to a science.  That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tried, but nobody has been yet able to do it.  When I … Continue reading

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The Temptation to Refuse Being Sent

 – Matthew 3:13-4:11                    Sometimes when you read the newspapers or watch television you begin to say about this world we live in: “What’s the world coming to?”  Those boys killed 27 people in Houston.  Did you read what the … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Shriveling

 Exodus 20:8-11                   I am sure that you have heard that the definition of an expert that goes around with traveling experts.  An expert is anybody who has a briefcase and is more than 50 miles from home.  (I see … Continue reading

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Love is Always Made Flesh

Matthew 2:1-12                 Some of you may be members of Christmas Clubs around town, I never have had enough money after Christmas to join one myself, but maybe you do.  There is another club around town, however, that has some … Continue reading

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